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Luffy’s Voice Actress Mayumi Tanaka Speaks About her Journey with the 20th Anniversary Movie of One Piece!

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Eiichiro Oda’s extremely popular manga “ONE PIECE” is celebrating trăng tròn years of its anime broadcast with the anniversary movie “ONE PIECE STAMPEDE” being released. In this movie Monkey D. Luffy và the Mugiwara Pirates/Straw Hat Pirates will fight for treasure và decide their fate through heated combat against pirates from all over the world who’ve sầu gathered for a special sự kiện – The Pirates Expo.


We interviewed Mayungươi Tanaka, the voice actress of Luffy, và discussed about the overall appeal of the “ONE PIECE” series so that anyone reading this can still enjoy the commemorative sầu movie spoiler-không tính phí. We spoke with her about her interactions with Eiichiro Oda, heard about the experiences she’s had with her voice acting associates, & learned about her 20-year journey with the series. 


ーーIt sounds like Eiichiro Oda, the original creator of the ONE PIECE manga, has given this movie his seal of approval!

“Thanks to lớn the ‘Pirates Expo’ sự kiện, you can expect many characters to lớn show up. Though getting Eiichiro Oda’s approval for this situation must have been a huge undertaking. They gave sầu us actors và actresses great support và I believe our strong feelings will be conveyed even to lớn those who are watching ONE PIECE for the first time. It is also encouraging lớn enthusiastic fans of the original manga. New people may say, ‘If Eiichiro Odomain authority is giving the movie that much praise… maybe I should watch it!’ & we believe it’ll meet those expectations & deliver great results.”

ーーWith the animated series now ongoing for trăng tròn years, what would you say looking back is the most charming aspect of this show?


“Without a doubt, the great story is the most charming part of this series. It’s basically a historical drama. Although the series has been going on for trăng tròn years now, not much time has passed within the story’s timeline. At the beginning Luffy phối sail at 17 years old & is now 19 years old, so it’s actually only been about 2 years (laughs). There is a part in the story which had been ongoing for over a year in real time, yet that event has been referred khổng lồ as ‘this morning.’ So sometimes there are parts where we spkết thúc years on which span over just a single day or even a few hours within the story. Then I realize that fact after all this time và go ‘Oh, it’s only been that long?’ (laughs). Oops, did we go off topic? (laughs)”

ーーHaving played Luffy for so long, do you find yourself actually becoming Luffy?

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“That’s a possibility, having played the same role for đôi mươi years, even the creators might be conscious of our voices while drawing, và so our souls resonate. That’s why I don’t really have sầu lớn think about acting anymore, I just play the role as usual. Having Akemày Okamura who plays Nangươi stay in the studio really helps me, since our positions are quite similar. She doesn’t say things quite as svào or bluntly as Nangươi does, but she does notice a lot of things, & like Nangươi she clings onto lớn things well when needed (laughs). I’m the kind of person who suggests things without acting on it, so having Akemi around really helps me.”

ーーYou can really feel that 20 years have sầu passed. We never imagined that those kinds of things happened.

“I am who I am, & so when I get called for an event I believe that all I really can bởi is bởi my best so that the people then và there could enjoy themselves. No one really tells me what to lớn vì chưng anymore. They probably gave up a long time ago (laughs). In terms of personality, my character & I have sầu a lot of similarities, so he really is a character that is easy to portray. But there will always be a gap between us, since I’m a woman playing a man’s role, & there’s a huge age gap between us as well. But as long as people enjoy that gap và those differences then I’d be more than happy to be out front and center.”

ーーWe are looking forward to lớn what happens in the future! How would you yourself lượt thích things to lớn see things turn out?


“I want it to lớn have sầu a proper conclusion. Probably because I’ve sầu already been saying ‘I’m gonmãng cầu be the king of pirates!’ for about 20 years now (laughs). Why does the One Piece exist? Will he give his hat back? There are a lot of things you can imagine happening. Can only one person become the pirate king? I’m really hoping for a definite ending. That’s why I can’t die just yet! (laughs) I want to see this khổng lồ the very kết thúc, và I want to lớn portray this role with everything I’ve sầu got.”

The movie “ONE PIECE STAMPEDE” will be released in nhật bản on August 9, 2019 và October 24th in the USA.


Cast: Mayungươi Tanaka, Kazuya Nakai, Akemi Okamura, Kappei Yamaguđưa ra và others

Director: Takashi Otsuka

Screenplay: Yasuhiro Tsujioka, Takashi Otsuka

Original Creator: Eiichiro Oda

Official Site:

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