Song Sun Mi Denies Any Knowledge Of Jang Ja


Actress tuy vậy Sun mi has responded khổng lồ her name being mentioned in connection to the late Jang Ja Yeon’s sexual abuse case.

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In 2009, actress Jang Ja Yeon (who is known for acting in the drama “Boys Over Flowers”) died by suicide. She left behind a note that revealed that she had been forced to sexually entertain figures in the business and truyền thông media world, & she listed their names. At the time, the police cleared about 10 names charged for sexual abuse, and only the actress’s agency CEO & manager were charged for assault và defamation.

Jang Ja Yeon’s former colleague Yoon Ji Oh has been consistently giving testimony as a witness to Jang Ja Yeon’s sexual harassment, and she has recently been taking part in witness interviews. She has said that Jang Ja Yeon never received an autopsy, và she stated that her menu was not a suicide note, but simply a document.

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On broadcasts, Yoon Ji Oh has called for Lee mi Sook and tuy nhiên Sun Mi lớn reveal the truth. The two actresses were both under The Contents Entertainment, the same agency as Jang Ja Yeon. While Lee mi Sook stated in 2009 that she had only become aware of Jang Ja Yeon following her death, Dispatch recently released a report questioning the validity of her statement.

On March 18, tuy vậy Sun mày spoke to lớn the web9_news outlet Edaily. “I didn’t even know that the late Jang Ja Yeon was at the same company as me at the time; the only thing I knew was a mention of a rookie actress working under CEO Kim, which I heard from manager Yoo,” said tuy vậy Sun Mi. “I think that if ’s death was wrongful, then the truth must be revealed, but I was not acquainted at all with the departed & I feel a great burden over being mentioned despite knowing nothing about the inside story of what happened at the time. If I knew something, why would I stay silent?”

Song Sun ngươi also stated that while she was working with CEO Kim, she never had to entertain or was coerced to go to lớn drinking parties.

“I was recently married at the time, & I was very wary about ‘unsavory places’ so if I was worried about a place, I’d go with my stylist,” she said. “I worked with CEO Kim for about two years, & during that time there was a year where I didn’t hear from him & so I didn’t work.”

“Time passed & my contract naturally came to an end,” she continued. “There were some appearance payments that I hadn’t received from CEO Kim so I proceeded with a lawsuit, và CEO Kim gathered evidence và filed a countersuit saying that I had violated my contract.”

“The court’s decision on that matter was that CEO Kim had lost the suit, và I received due process of the law & left the company,” tuy nhiên Sun mi went on to say. “I found out through the web9_news that CEO Kim had done bad things , và I was furious.”

“I’m currently raising a child và trying lớn find small bits of happiness, and I feel helpless when I see that my name has been mentioned needlessly,” she said. “CEO Kim và manager Yoo will have to lớn speak now.”

The investigative activities of the Committee of Past Affairs, which is in charge of reinvestigating Jang Ja Yeon’s case và others, has received a two-month extension & will be active until late May.